Milestone 5 in VBox 3.0.4

Has anyone run across issues when trying to install 11.2 Mi.5 under Virtual Box? After the all of the drivers load the screen tries to go to the Yast installer but it is nothing but black with some static-like distortion across the top.

I thought this might have to do with the allotted video memory to the virtual. Because in Ubuntu 9.04 you would get the same screen on the login if you set the memory to the max 128MB. I made adjustments to the Video and still a no go.

Any help is appreciated.

Sounds like this is one of the “Most Annoying Bugs” #522025 listed here:

That looks like the issue. It almost seems like the only good way to test these Milestones is on a stand-alone or in Xen. Thanks for looking that up for me.

Hi, try to init in text mode(F3 -> video mode -> text)

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