Milestone 3 breaks Gnome 3

After installing openSUSE 12.1 I upgraded to 12.2 M3 Gnome 3 worked great in 12.2 but I can only get the fallback mode for Gnome 3 in 12.2.

It may or may not make a difference but my video is

Integrated ATI Radeon™ HD 4250 GPU on mobo ASUS M34A88TD-V EVO

A fix in M4


The other way of looking at it, is that 12.2M3 fixes Gnome. Those of us who prefer fallback mode will think that way.

I’ve tried 12.3M3 on three computers.

Computer 1: An older ATI card. Gnome goes into fallback mode. On that same machine running 12.1, Gnome goes into full mode, but crashed before you can do anything (before you can set to forced fallback mode, for example).

Computer 2: Intel graphics. Gnome works well in full mode (if you can call that working well), and in fallback mode.

Computer 3: with a nvidia card. With 12.1, the screen was garbled in full gnome shell mode, but it was stable enough that I could get to the control to force fallback. With 12.2M3, it begins to come up in full mode, then there’s a message that it has failed and I am logged.out.

With computer 1 and 12.1, and with computer 3, 12.2M3, I had to force a switch to fallback at the command line (I think I did that while running KDE).

When running KDM, there’s an option to select KDE in failsafe mode (this disables destop effects). It would be nice if there were a login option to select Gnome in fallback mode.

I have an old laptop with ATI RadeonXpress200M video. When 12.2 M3 first came out last month, the display switched to Gnome Classic because the graphic chip cannot handle Gnome3. However, I got Gnome 3 again after changing oss& non-oss repos from “distribution/12.2” to “factory”. Essentially I upgraded from M3 to M4, thanks to lwfinger’s suggestion in one of his posts.