Migration from CentOS to OpenSUSE.

I have a CentOS server with Magento CMS and I want to migration from CentOS to OpenSUSE. Which Issues must be considered? Is SELinux commands on OpenSUSE differ with CentOS?

Thank you.

A typical install will give you AppArmor rather than SELinux. However, SELinux should be available in the repos.

Thanks, but is SELinux same as CentOS?

I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be.

Anyway, here’s the relevant openSUSE guide…

Sorry, it was a drop. My opinion changed.
I never change CentOS and stand with it.

Good luck.

All good. Use what works for you. :wink:

Apache is set up very, very differently on every Distro and CentOS/openSUSE would be no exception, so CMS apps as a rule would be affected in a major way…
You should study the documents for migrating your CMS, more than likely it will mean completely installing your web components new and migrating your MySQL/MariaDB database (hopefully a forklift is possible).

openSUSE implements AppArmor by default, and is generally configured to support Apache.
If you decide to switch to SELinux, it’s not difficult and AFAIK configuring SELinux would be little different than on any other distro with the same options… If you’ve customized your SElinux you should document your customizations before the migration.

If your migration is from one physical machine to another or involves virtualization, your path and issues would likely be easier since you’d have your original to inspect if you run into any issues.