Migrating to OpenSUSE

Hi everyone
Just felt I should introduce myself and explain a little what bought me to OpenSUSE. I use Ubuntu 12.04 as my native desktop environment and I am very happy with it. This much I wont change. However OpenSUSE is a distro I have always had an eye on (greens my favorite colour as a bonus :P), and a little project I am undertaking has finally prompted me to get into it.

Like many of you, I have a young child (shes 3yo), she is already becoming quite computer savvy, so when she is watching cartoons on You Tube, we have to be pretty mindful of what she chooses to watch. I decided a while ago that she would be getting involved with technology and online computing at a pretty young age and have always planned to eventually get her a computer of her own. However, the internet is a ruthlessly dangerous place for kids and there would be so so many security issues to look over if she had her own computer. Not to mention she would have free reign over the WWW, and we all know whats out there now dont we?

So a short while ago I started researching a bit on how to make custom Linux distros. My aim, to create a distro for for my daughter, that would provide a safe and secure environment for her to play games, watch videos, browse kids websites etc without fear of intrusion or exposure to negative materials (and without any access to software/parts of the filesystem where damage can be done), but can also be closely monitored, controlled, and customised by parents. I am naming this distro, affectionately and for many reasons, “My First OS”.

I looked at options, then I discovered SUSE Studio, and it is really quite a fantastic wee web app. I played around with packages, downloaded a bunch of RPMs i wanted, burnt images, booted live sessions etc, and It became apparent to me that there was alot about OpenSUSE that was foreign to me, and I would need to learn to really make my distro happen, so now im using OpenSUSE along side Ubuntu, and will be spending alot of time getting to know it better :). It will be my pleasure to learn as much about it from yall as I can!

Hello and welcome the board! :wink:

I am sure a lot of folk here (including myself) play with suse studio, so we probably can help you out if you get stuck. I have thus far used suse studio to make live cds of desktops that opensuse does not ship by default and also for recovery purposes. Using it to make a distro for young folk never crossed my mind; It sounds like a capital idea. Do share with us any success stories!

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nightwishfan wrote:
> Do share with us any success stories!

to which i add: if it happens that you need a little help with the
actual studio stuff put those questions to the studio forum, here:

which i mention because it is nested so far down on this page
http://forums.opensuse.org/forum.php that one might overlook it

its at Forums > English > (scroll WAY down to) Development > SUSE Studio

OH! and don’t overlook those who have worked on this task, with
openSUSE, previously: http://tinyurl.com/My-First-OS



Hey, welcome

Saw your post, and am on Memory Lane now. When my 10 year old daughter was your daughter’s age, I presented her with Gcompris, I suggest you take a look at Gcompris, let her play with it. You’ll be amazed :smiley: