Migrating /home

I have installed 11.2 (from liveD on a USB thumbdrive) to a different HDD to the one where 11.1 lives. I used a new /home partition so that it was formatted ext4. When installed, I copied my old /home/stephen to the new install, then in runlevel 3 renamed the new home/stephen to home/bakstephen and the one from 11.1 to home/stephen and then startx… No dice :frowning: so I renamed them back…
Can I do it this way? Should I copy all files from the NEW autogenerated /home/stephen into the copy of the old 11.1 dir and rename them again
Should I DELETE the new partition and then clone the 11.1 partition, keeping it ext3? or DELETE the new and then mount the old, keeping it where it is as /home ?

It is not tooo late I s’pose to wipe the lot and begin again but… well :frowning: I don’t wanna!

SOLVED here (hats off to Knurpht):

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