migrating from Ubuntu


i have been quite impressed with opensuse latest releases and i would like to try it again.

as i currently use ubuntu x64 on my laptop t420 lenovo - i would need to replace it.

QUESTION: can opensuse use the same encrypted home partition as it currently exists in ubuntu?

there seems to be many problems with their implementation, see this:

or would i be better off just rebuilding the whole system?


why not dl a live cd and try accessing your encrypted partition to see if openSuse can see/use it

also I’d back up the home folder just in case the encryption got messed up

And if you want you can even use Ubuntu’s toys (Natty release versions) with openSUSE. I’m finishing the impletation and it will be available within a few days…

openSUSE:GNOME Ayatana - openSUSE

The indicator stack is currently implemented, just working the applications that support the indicators! The release will feature the new indicators available in Natty, most of them fully enabled. There are two differences though:

1 - Session Menu (indicator-session) - Reboot and Shutdown are removed from the indicator (else additional software needed to be patched, the options are present in normal GNOME menu’s)
2 - Date Time (indicator-datetime, new on Natty) - Time and Date settings aren’t working currently (need to be configured through gsettings). This is because openSUSE 11.4 uses GTK 2.22.1 and those options require GTK 2.24.

For the rest, everything is working :wink: