Migrating away from XP - Boot drive question

My machine came with one drive installed with XP. I put a second drive in and installed 11.2. Dual boot. I’m replacing the XP drive (keep intact) with a new one but don’t want to lose the ability of booting off the second drive. I want the new drive to be first drive in the system.

How do I proceed?

Are you reinstalling windows on the new drive or just cloning tghe old drive to the new?
Either way, the full dvd install of openSUSE will allow you to recover the linux system using the recovery option when you booting from the dvd.

I want to install openSUSE on the new drive, exclusively, but I also want the ability to boot from the second drive, which also has openSUSE. If I can recover it using the DVD without any problems, then that will work.

Should I disconnect the secondary drive and complete the installation on the primary, first, then reconnect the second drive and boot from the DVD to repair it? I don’t want to lose the time I spent installing openSUSE and Oracle database on the secondary drive.

grub is able to boot multiple instances of OS’s. Grub don’t care if you have
win-linux_a-linux_b or
win_a-win_b-Linux_a-Linux_c or

number of OS’s manageable is infinite with grub

Let me tell you, you may get confused as you do all this. As you take out and replace a drive, boot priority could change, depending on: If you boot between removal and or the type of drive being connected.

But it is all perfectly possible.
Personally, without seeing a fdisk -l of your system, so as to know the partitioning on your Linux drive, I am hesitant to recommend a particular course.
If windows is being installed on the new drive, then I would favour disconnecting the Linux drive until windows is installed. But you may need to adjust boot order of the drives in BIOS after this and also, you may need to reinstall grub. But that depends if you have have grub entirely on your current Linux drive or NOT!

It went without a hitch. Put the new drive in, installed openSUSE, and the second drive shows up on the boot menu underneath it. I’m updating this thread from the new configuration. Thanks for everyone’s input.

Pleased about that. Thanks for the feedback:)