Migrating 11.3 Partition Based -> 11.4 LVM Based

Hi all,

I’ve been googling around, and doing some research into using an LVM based setup with my next install, but I can’t seem to find relevant information on how to move from partition based setups to an LVM based one, without losing all my data of course.

I currently have 3TB harddrives, one 500GB harddrive, and will likely be purchasing a fourth TB harddrive shortly.

I suppose I could then start the LVM with my fourth HDD, transfer all the files from a current TB to it, then add the (now empty) TB into the LVM. Would that make sense? Could I star the LVM with a harddrive that already has data on it? I doubt it right?

What would your recommendations be to migrate my data to an LVM setup?

Ever hear of a backup. Yes I know it is a lot of data but what happens when lightning strikes and burns up all your drives? So yes the way to do it is to back to some other media then set up the partitions and copy back.

i agree with gogalthorp, if it was mine, i’d get the SystemRescue boot disc:


boot from it and use the fsarchiver application to back up 11.3, overwrite a LVM install of 11.3, then “zypper dup” from the 11.4 repos.

if you are moving to LVM primarily to do on-the-fly backups, a fsarchiver package is in the build service to add to your system and it can also do the snapshots.

Yes, I have. I backup mission critical elements of my system, but don’t have the space, nor the means to connect enough harddrives in order to do a full backup. Anyway, thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: