Migrate to 12.1 with local repo's?

I am planning a migration from 11.4 to 12.1 and have a couple of questions. My internet connection is via satellite with limited bandwidth and I am unable to download an iso, so I bought the 12.1 dvd a while back. I also purchased, in August, the OSDisc.com repositories dvd for oss, non-oss, update and packman and installed them. I have downloaded the latest nic and video drivers for my machine. My strategy is to back up my home directory and do a new install. Question 1 - I set up my partitioning as logical volumes, will the install preserve this scheme? Question 2 - after the install will I have to reinstall the off-line repositories? I assume I will have to bump up the priority of the local repositories so they will be searched before the online repo’s. After the system is up to date I will remove the local repo’s. Does this seem like a reasonable approach? I’ve read through “SDB:How to migrate to a new openSUSE version” and didn’t see anything that looked like a gotcha. I know 12.2 has been released, but I won’t upgrade until it’s settled down a bit.

  1. Always be sure to double check you partition is the way you want it never assume the machine can read your mind. SO the answer is yes you can still keep the current partitioning. If you are doing a new install be sure that the proposed root is pointing to the correct partition mounted as / and is set to format it. And that home is pointing to the old home and mounted as /home and NOT reformatted. And of course swap is point to the old swap. Only when you are certain and happy with this accept the scheme.

  2. Well repos change over time so at best you have a snapshot at a given date. But other then the fact you won’t have the ver latest updates you idea seems ok to me.