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I’m running SLES 11 SP1 as a XEN host, I have shared NFS storage between two XEN servers. Both XEN servers have access to the NFS share, I’ve created a single test SLES11 guest and am in the final stages of testing XEN as our new virtualization platform. The one step I cannot seem to make work correctly is live migrating a domain to another machine.

I have both XEN servers xend-config.sxp files set to enable migration per much googling. I can connect to both machines using virt-manager (i.e. I can open virt-manager on server A and can add a connection to server B and manage both from that console).

When I attempt to live migrate I receive the following error:

POST operation failed: xend_post: error from xen daemon:
(xend.err “can’t connect: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer”)

Googling the above results with few other examples of the same error with no resolutions posted. Any ideas on what steps I missed to get live migration working?


On Wed, 22 Aug 2012 17:46:04 +0000, amginenigma wrote:

> I’m running SLES 11 SP1 as a XEN host

You may want to ask in the SUSE forums, then - openSUSE and SUSE Linux
Enterprise are not completely identical, and you may not get as useful
information here as in the SUSE forums.


Same login and password that you used here will work there.


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Will do, thanks!

Closed. This is a SLES problem.