I have a fresh Leap 42.2 Installation and I wanted to copy some files from an old 13.1 installation to the new one. I tried to open a sftp connection with mc to the other machine (I tried it both directions) never the less, it failed with a meaningless “It didn’t work” message. Why isn’t this working anymore?! WinSCP can connect to both machines with no issues!

Do I relay have to use a Windows machine with winscp and do it the cumbersome way?!

The protocols sftp and fish have been buggy in mc for months/years now, the latter has even been disabled in openSUSE packages.


  1. Filezilla

  2. Mozilla based browser + fireFTP


  4. some other file managers have their own implementations of sshfs/sftp/fish (i.e. SpaceFM works fine)

I use 3) + mc which is very convenient.