MIDI in Vmware

Hello everyone!

A few months back I built a new PC and decided it was windows was not worthy enough to be installed on it. I ended up going with SUSE 11.0. So far, I am very pleased. However, one of the programs I used most on Windows was Sibelius 5.0 for music composition…

Sibelius software has no intentions of releasing their product for linux…>:(

So my solution was to install VMware workstation 6.5 and run WinXP in that.
Sibelius installs and works fine inside the virtual machine, however It cannot see my MIDI keyboard from within the virtual machine.

Im running the following: (forgive me, I am at work right now and dont have complete specs at my disposal)
SUSE 11.0
VMware 6.5
Creative Audigy 2 Platinum Sound Card

Hopefully by the time I get home, someone will have read this and can give me some pointers (or at least tell me what info I need to post) Thanks in advance!

sorry if this is the wrong forum…