Midi controller keyboard and opensuse.

Hi all. I am trying with no success whatsoever to get my Fatar sl880 keyboard to work with opsnsuse 12.3.

The keyboard is a midi controller only and has no sound capability of it’s own.

I had it set up years ago in windows95 IIRC, with a DB50XG daughterboard on a soundblaster card. I think I used XGworks and can’t really remember what else!!! Wasn’t particularly difficult to set up.

To be honest, I don’t know where to start with midi in linux or even if I should! I’ve tried a few things but I think it would be safe to assume I’m starting from scratch.

Has anyone set up something like this who could explain it in relatively simple terms.

Basically it just needs to be a playable instrument, at least for a start.

Thank you for reading!

Hi v12cat!

Shouldn’t be too difficult to set it up. I use JACK so the way I approach it is to use QJackCtl and connect it (virtual cabling) to whatever instrument I wish to use the MIDI keyboard with there.

JACK is considered a pro sound-server and require some initial configurations to run, but if you wish to play around with audio recording, mixing etc. also this is probably the way to approach it.
Another approach is to use ALSA; I have never done it this way but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Give some feedback on where you wish to go and I, or someone else, will try assist you.

MIDI and Linux is compatible!

Firstly, thank you very much for your reply and sorry for not responding sooner.

As an interim measure and to help me learn, I downloaded and installed AVLinix onto another PC. I’m presently using it exclusively to run the keyboard.

I soon discovered the DB50XG was way out of date. The sound quality just isn’t comparable to even the simpler software available nowadays!

I’m learning (slowly) how Jack works and how to configure it.

Everything pretty much worked ‘out of the box’ with AVLinux but my goal is to use my main PC on Opensuse to work with the keyboard.

A clean install is on the cards for my main PC so hopefully that will be the time to get things transferred over.



Good luck with the install!

I don’t know if you have seen them, but these sites are useful if you wish to fine tune your openSUSE/Linux system for audio purposes: