Microsofts corefonts?

Hello, I’m an intermediate linux user here but, I’m extremly new to opensuse and any other products from novell.

I have most of what I want set up with opensuse 11.0rc1, what’s left is microsofts corefonts, I installed one package I found somewhere but it made all the fonts in GNOME look more like microsoft’s font.

How do I install microsofts corefonts like on any other distro like ubuntu etc.?

That should show up as a patch in the online updater…at least it did in 10.3. I have no idea if that is currently available in 11.0, I suspect not but I’ll let someone running the RC1 answer. I would expect to see it in the 11.0 final though.

And how do I do this?

The updates repository is not quite up and running yet as we are still at the release candidate stage (i.e. not a completely finished product). Things like nvidia drivers and the microsoft true type fonts are not quite yet available. I’m afraid you’ll have to either check back after release or install them manually :slight_smile:

Would someone here have a script which does this manually?

It’s “” you should be able to find that with a search @ Webpin I would think.

in a term as root
cd /pathtoscript

Should work:)

You can grab the script directly from Index of /update/10.3/scripts

It works for all 10.x series at least and most likely for 11.0.

What I did was to DL them from this site:
Index of /software/webcore-fonts
They worked pretty well
Good luck


I just copied my varied fonts from my Windows install into a folder and then used the KDE Font Installer.

Does it work if you just use kde to copy the fonts to the fonts dir?

I haven’t tried that, but it might. There is a local/personal font directory, and a root/system font directory.

You could try the following, which has worked on previous versions of openSUSE.

Open a terminal.
Type “su -” and then the root password when prompted.
Navigate to the directory containing the TTF files.
Type “cp *.ttf /usr/share/fonts/truetype”
Type “SuSEconfig --module fonts”


Aren’t truetype fonts an ms only technology? If they are, does that mean there isn’t a truetype directory in SuSE? If there isn’t, and we have to create one, how will applications know where to look to use these fonts?

Actually it was developed by Apple and the directory exists so you can just copy the files over there.

worked great for me, thanks Mike