Microsoft webcam VX3000: Microphone not working

after having fixed the video on my webcam to use it with Skype I want to use the microphone as well…

Skype offers two microphones that seem to be related to the USB webcam. I have tried both of them and with different settings in kmix where I see a tab called “usb camera” with a microphone slider and a tick box. There is also an option to use “audio gain control”. no success with all possible combinations.

Then I tried to use the microphone with a small software called “flrec”, no success either.

Any ideas out there?

Your advice is much appreciated.

I get a choice of microphones in the Skype Options:

  1. “USB camera, USB Audio DefaultAudio Device (default:CARD=camera)”
  2. "USB camera, USB Audio (hw:2,0)

I would expect that one of those two should be the right, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

then some additional entries that don’t apply (I think):
“hdmi (unknown)”
“Intel 82801 DB-ICH4, Intel 82801 DB-ICH4 (hw:0,0)”
" … (hw:0,1)"

any advice is appreciated.