Microsoft should starve on radical penguin diet

I found this a little amusing:

Microsoft should starve on radical penguin diet • The Register

Microsoft should consider acquiring Novell’s SUSE Linux business and focusing it completely on mobile. Novell has a seat at the Linux Foundation’s MeeGo table, and Microsoft should embrace that operating system rather than its myriad (but universally unsuccessful) mobile variants of Windows.

chief sealth wrote:
> I found this a little amusing:

yep…but the article was written by “Matt Asay is chief operating
officer of Ubuntu commercial operation” and i have to wonder how
many different reasons good reasons (based on self interest) did he
have for suggesting M$ buy Novell, and not Canonical?

i wonder how many good reasons can we guess:

  • if MS buys Novell (and RUINS it, as we know MS will), that will
    remove one commercial Linux competitor from Canonical’s path to ‘the
    800-pound gorilla of open source’, huh?

  • if MS buys Novell, that will not (probably) arrest the slide of
    Redmond into irrelevance, and so Matt can watch TWO competitors for
    the commercial market share slide into oblivion, huh?

  • if MS buys … oh well, you get the idea… the title of the
    article should have been something like: *buntu’s Commercial COO Hopes
    MS buys Novell.

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Aw come on DenverD, don’t be shy, tell us what you really think!


montana suse user wrote:
> Aw come on DenverD, don’t be shy, tell us what you really think!

ah! you prefer politician talk? how about:

knowing that we are where we are today because of the history we
share, we can all agree that this article is a well thought through
discussion of the issues we face today and a way ahead that will be
beneficial to all who use computers…

i know you know that the decisions we face are tough, but we will not
shrink from our duty to those who follow in our footsteps…we must
now all pull together no matter the difficulty…and when we do we
will surely arrive together, triumphant on higher plain and with a
better tomorrow for all…

nah! i like my way better.

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Spot on DenverD :wink:

To rephrase that line about standards: Pundits are great, there are so many to choose from. lol!

Seems to be standard operating procedure for web pundits to post something controversial to get page clicks/notoriety. Sorry, I’m not joining that game. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t catch that part, it makes it funnier. Sounds like he’s dreaming. It wouldn’t get by the Justice Department, I’m sure.

I think they just try to be generous and give people bit more meaning in clicks, Click for United States - Click Click Click - - Click game if pundits get bit of ‘star’ status - that’s just coincidence in their efforts to help the clicking part of humanity :slight_smile:

And I guess Microsoft will fund that ‘diet’ by selling their XBox department to…

Not sure to which authience he spoke. The Ubuntu folks, or the MS folks.
He made it sound like this is an obivious target MS should approach. Honestly, not sure if i even should care what someone from Cnet talks in his blog, even if he is also involved in Canonical.
Canonical tries really hard to be in the top to push agentas right now. Some might be benefit Linux in a perhabs big way.
As far as desktop goes, Ubuntu is leader right now. From magazines to everything supplied to Ubuntu. This might be good to make Linux more mainstream, but it worries me at the same time.
Anyway, i think a suggestion in a blog like this is kinda shameful.
Besides, why would he help MS anyway? This make no sense really. Or do i miss a point somewhere?