Microsoft not changing its stance on windows 10 support is dangerous

Sorry if this is not related to linux, but its so dangerous.

Many pc’s can’t upgrade to WIndows 11. Sure, we can convince some people to switch to linux instead, but many don’t know how to.

And, with an estimated 400 million windows 10 pc’s inelligible(also older windows versions), this could create a huge landfill of computers that will make the environment worse than before.

Yes, i know there is this non-profit organization that sent a petition, but microsoft just replied today(or yesterday or tommorow in your time zone depending on where you live), that the WIndows 10 support cycle will be unchanged.

So, we can do two things: Promote Linux in developing countries, as that is where the biggest source of e-waste is suspected to come from, or we collect many pc’s that can’t run Windows 11 that don’t have an owner anymore.

I would go for the first option, as we are already seeing the rise of Linux in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, India and Greece.

If you need a spare pc, then you can go with the second option.

Overall, Microsft’s decision with windows 10 is a very, very dangerous decision.

What will you do in 2025? Will you convince your family and friends to switch to linux? Or will you decide to rescue those pc’s on your own?

Please share your opinions.

@Basilcat We just need to get them shipped to @larryr for recycling (which if memory serves me right they do…)…

I probably have about 40 dead laptops and tablets here for parts… Another couple are meant to arrive soon. I just brought another HP Z440 off eBay as well (upgrade the cpu to 12 core/24 threads and add 32GB of ram I have here) and supports TPM 1.2 and 2.0.

Most folks I know have already acquired new Windows 11 systems, I have a couple of Mini PC’s (Quad core 8/16GB of ram) that came with Windows 11 Pro.

I suspect that application providers will also go with the flow, as in the program will only run on Windows 11…

I stopped repairing computers a year ago.

I have been talking people thru using rufus to make a windows 11 usb bootable installer that does not check for disk size, tpm and Gen 8 or newer.

So far 100% of machines that are 64 bit Windows 10 with 8gb of ram and 100gb of disk run windows 11 fine - it will also do an update from 10 to 11 (but back it up first as that sometimes fails.

Fresh install is required for 32 bit windows 10 as there is no 32 bit windows 11.

You can get rufus portable here on Older Geeks - they have the best software hosting with no virus and a selection of some Linux apps too.

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