Microsoft Moonlight ?!

Anyone have read this?

Official Novell/Microsoft Web Site (MoreInterop) Calls Moonlight “Microsoft Moonlight” | Boycott Novell

It means seroius business. Not quite sure what to expect in near future. Seems that all the fuzz from Boycott-Novell started to become reality. If that continues…

Assumptions assumptions and lots of assumptions, combined with even more badmouthing and FUD. This guy really thinks he can predict the future. Delusional people don’t know they’re delusional, you know…

Sad. :frowning: But it seems to be OK. Here in Europe Linux is big concurrence for micro$oft, so it’s absolutely normal that MS begins his anti-linux plan with Novell.
But I don’t worry about that. In the worst case: I have predefined plans, what to do if your favorite distro joins to the forces of dark side. :slight_smile:

What exactly is so special about this specific post in the Roy Schestowitz personal homepage?

Fedora doesn’t packages Moonlight because it is “too risky”… well, a link to the discussion would be good, but anyway “too risky” isn’t exactly precise. There is any specific law or patent problem?

He also links to a complain in the Debian lists from “saulgoode”… that the package mantainers explains. After the explanation “saulgoode” says:

You’ve addressed many of the concerns I raised

And then there is a PDF with a typo… wow!!

So, again, what is so special?

The Microsoft Covenant doesn’t covers a lot of thing, and so?
If now I sign a paper where I promise never to sue microchip8 about my patent… does that means I have such a patent, that I can sue ram88 and that I would win?

If Microsoft has any patent about Moonlight it can sue anyone that isn’t protected by the covenant, yes. What’s so special about this? If Microsoft (or anyone else) has any patent about ANYTHING it can sue whoever it wants if it hasn’t signed previously a covenant not to do so.

If Ballmer says Microsoft has (52?) patents about Linux everybody says “liar”. If now he says he has patents about Moonlight… why should I believe him? Exactly where is the difference between the two statements? (yes, one says “Linux” and the other “Moonlight”, anything else?).

Nobody heard something about anti-trust-law??
Microsoft is to big and can no company take over…anti-trust institution in USA and EU speaks about splitting up MS in two companys and all are in panic about MS will take over Novell…

That will never happen…MS is the biggest target of US and EU anti-trust-institutions…:wink:

When MS plans to take over a other company MS it needs to be accorded by the antitrust institutions in the USA, EU, Kanada, Japan…) And that is nearly impossible, because MS is the biggest monopolist in the world…

…don t be afraid i m sure, in the future we will see the big and hard fall of Winblows…

Roy Schestowitz is mentally unstable.

He should be put in an institution and nowhere else. The man exhibits the most basically identifiable psychological disorder marks that even a first year student could pick directly from a book because he’s literally the posterboy for every single sociopath disorder example you can find in the medical journals.

In short the guy is a total coocoo. Taking anything he writes (although he never really writes anything, he just copy pastes text or links randomly to ‘proof’) as fact is about on line with the people who think US gov’t actually bombed their own towers.

My main concern is that a Novell/Microsoft web site is actually calling Moonlight “Microsoft Moonlight”. To be fair, I only have Roy Schestowitz’s word for that. I can’t actually find this so-called statement anywhere on the web site. Their Moonlight page gives me a runtime error. The rest of Roy’s post looks like typical FUD.

But if it really is being called “Microsoft Moonlight”, this bothers me greatly. I swore off any and all Microsoft products years ago. I refuse to buy or use anything that provides Microsoft with any revenue or exposure. This includes peripherals, software, XBox’es and Fords with that Microsoft Sync option.

I’ve been a SUSE user for 10 years. The patent covenant didn’t phase me, I didn’t see it as any kind of “threat”. I don’t mind that Mono is a .net replacement, as long as it was produced as true open source and didn’t have the Microsoft name attached to it. I don’t mind that Moonlight is a Silverlight replacement, for the same reasons. But if my openSUSE distribution has something called “Microsoft Moonlight” in it, I’ll either rip it out altogether or finally start considering another distribution.

10 years ago, I moved to Linux to get away from Microsoft products. If their name starts creeping back into my computer, I’ll just have to move farther away.

But again, I have no proof that they’re really calling it “Microsoft Moonlight”. The page does not load for me.

Like I said it is just a typo in Roadmap White Paper English.pdf

At the end, in the references section says

Microsoft Moonlight

The guy that first found it just said:

Finally, just an image I found funny. The whole document is available from Microsoft’s Interop Ability site. Select the “Novell & Microsoft Collaboration Roadmap” link.

…but Schestowitz though it was enough to publish it.

wow, now THAT’s funny! A whole blog post about a typo in a PDF.

My worries have just vanished.

People like you amaze me to no end. You refuse to use a product merely because they include a logo of a company?

Perhaps you should go and bond with Schestowitz because you’re on the same wavelength.

Absolut rigtht…I hate MS too, and i try to buy hardware without MS software, because i mean i have as consumer the rigth to have a choose if i want to pay in the pocket of MS or not…

But i don t like “ideologists”…Schestowitz writes this sh*t and i m sure his lapot was bougt with Windows…and maybe after he used a other OS, but this is for me the same like using Windows, the Money is just gone to MS!

Novell has to survive, to make business and Novell does a lot for Linux and us, more than a lot other Companys. Novell makes a good job and i hope Novell will have a success with the products in future…

See, you have a logical reason for your activity - you make a choice not to buy because you have an alternative.

But dissing a product merely because it has a logo of some business? /scratch. It makes no sense because you might be skipping over a vastly superior tool for the job and picking an inferior one just “because.”

I work in a bank where we have hundreds of computers. We insist “no MS” everywhere and it saved a lot of headaches - viruses, support issues etc. Also, it really saved a lot of money!

  1. What i mean is, i have no really problem with the label MS…but i really don t like that everyone is forced to buy hardware with Windows…

  2. Is the “double-moral” of a the foundameltalistic idea boycott Novell because Novell works with MS…thats stupid and makes for me no sense…Novell made a lot for Linux in past and will in future too…:wink:

Read his The Impact of Trolls, which shows a staggering lack of self-awareness.

Some of the stuff that you find on the Web with my name attached to it is fake. You cannot assume anything which has my name as the poster (even with a valid E-mail address and homepage URL) is really from myself.
Here, here!

Yogatta be trollin’ nigga :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t get what you mean at all. I refuse to buy Microsoft products because I don’t want to contribute to their profits. Why would I want to use my hard-earned money to allow Microsoft’s bottom line to improve? Isn’t that exactly how consumers are supposed to show disapproval for a company’s products? By not giving them money? I buy every release of opensuse, just like I’ve been buying SUSE for 10 years.

I don’t impose my choices on anyone else. Anybody is free to buy Microsoft products if they want.

I didn’t diss anything, all I said was that I refuse to buy any product that would increase Microsoft’s revenue or exposure. Seems to me you’re the one who’s as avid to jump to conclusions as Schestowitz.

It means that your are refusing Microsoft just because it’s Microsoft (that stays in your first post, no other reasons.)
It’s a bad direction.
I’m deleted my last windows installation 367 days ago from my computer, and not because it’s Microsoft.
Their operating system doesn’t fit for my needs. That’s all. Both education and programming software is more professional in Linux distributions.

I bought a laptop on holiday in Thailand and to my delight it came with free DOS. It’s not happily running OpenSUSE. I had the option for Windows but it was not forced upon me. I would like to see this happening in the EU as well. :slight_smile: