Microsoft hits out at Google tactics

I just had to laugh at this Google strangles competition - Microsoft |
The words Pot, Kettle and Black spring to mind.

Especially the bit about “We are concerned about Google business practices that tend to lock in publishers and advertisers and make it harder for Microsoft to gain search volume.” Could easily be changed to read “We are concerned about Micro$oft business practices that tend to lock in suppliers and retailers and make it harder for anyone to sell anything except Micro$oft products.”

The guilty are always the loudest to scream when they get a taste of their own medicine!

How can they make the “machine that goes bing” more popular than Google? Make it the default in all copies of Windows7 maybe? Oh wait, they already did that ;).

So true. They have no qualms stomping out the competition wherever possible, but when they’re on the receiving end of a stomping, they scream :silly:

I just get the strange feeling google is the next ms in disguise.>:)

Funnily enough so do I which why I refuse to use any Google products beyond the fact that I have it as my home page (used to be Yahoo, but since the M$/Yahoo tie up - no more). No G-mail, chrome, anything to do with clouds. An actually even using Google search is beginning to really annoy me as the results are obviously subscriber driven and the real results are buried three pages on.

Hmmmmmmmmm… yep… that’s possible