Microsoft 'educates' Best Buy employees

From Ars:** **Microsoft teaches Best Buy employees how to troll Linux users

Some of the stuff is so ridiculous it’s actually funny.

Reminds me of:


Ops, wrong link:

Groundhog Day (Film)

Constant repetition, although in contrast to this movie it just gets plain dull after a few times.

And by that I don’t just mean the FUD campaigns spread by the “graphics adventure from Redmond, Washington” (aka windows$VERSION) but also some linux users constantly having to complain about and “correcting” it for the sake of the truth and “a better world, where I can drink out of the toilet without getting a rash” (or so)…

=> Waste of time and bandwidth

And who does Linux, in general, have to counter MS? That is the problem here. It is fine to talk Linux to those who know about it but that is basically preaching to the choir.

Too bad the leading Linux distro’s couldn’t get together, pull money together and work together to get the word out more. Something on a larger scale. Honestly, as much as I hate to think it let alone say it, I don’t see that happening too soon.

Time is on Linux’ side; the mathematics of game theory shows that those who cheat make short term gains at the expense of losing in the long term.

Who would have thought after what MS did to Netscape that their long term threat would be Mozilla?