Microsoft confirms that UEFI 'secure boot' might lock out Linux from new PC's

Can anyone list machines that we can still load Opensuse or Linux on in the future?
This article shows that Microsoft is going to lock their machines to New Windows only.
Microsoft confirms that UEFI ‘secure boot’ might lock out Linux and older versions of Windows from new PCs | ZDNet

Any system that has UEFI instead of BIOS has this potential. IF the OEM decides to implement it and does not provide a way to turn it off it could be a problem to install any other OS including other Windows versions. UEFI machines have been showing up here for about a year though I believe with the secure boot feature not used. AFAIK you can still use them for other OS’s though they do present a small challenge to grub 0.9x. It has been reported the Grub 3.0 is supposed to full support UFEI but I don’t know at what stage that project is in and if it supports the secure boot feature. I guess it is time to read up. Also avoid all machines that do not allow the secure boot not to be turned off.

There is already a thread devoted to this topic at Microsoft requires that Windows 8-certified machines use UEF

Sorry about the duplicated thread, didn’t realize, many thanks for your update about UEFI.