Microsoft acknowledges Linux threat to Windows client

Now the fun begin…
Microsoft acknowledges Linux threat to Windows client - canonical, Linux, Microsoft, Red Hat - Good Gear Guide

Looks like windows 7 going to be another vista for M$.

I don’t draw that conclusion; I think it is more about preparing MS investors for the fact that they are not going to be making the sort of profits they have done in the past.

The problem for MS is which way to go; if they keep paying high dividends to investors, they have less money to invest in research and the development of new products which aren’t under threat from Linux.

They also cannot move economically to the services model that most Linux vendors have adopted because the costs of maintaining MS applications are so much higher than they are for Linux.

Windows 7? What is it? I though that they are releasing Vista 7 lol!

IMHO, i think M$ lost the concentration to focus on their products. Why, because of greedy nature…want to hold all the market shares for everything…even in search engine market. They loose the focus on product to make it better and stay as competitor. The world will not all the era use XP, which is already 8/9 years old now. And the technology developed in these years how fast, every body know that.

Windows 7? What is it? I though that they are releasing Vista 7 lol!

Haha…exactly…vista 7.rotfl!rotfl!

Some more interesting facts about vista 7.

Critical Windows 7 bug risks derailing product launch | Windows - InfoWorld

Microsoft Flags UAC Flaw as Malware

Helm added that Microsoft is trying to discourage the production of inexpensive computers where Windows becomes the most expensive component because it can’t make as much money on Windows on these devices, and they could drive down the price of Windows.

I love this. Force companies to make expensive computers rather then making a cheaper, better OS. The only thing that will end up killing Microsoft IS Microsoft.

I read something crucial on the link provided:

“Microsoft would like the notebooks to go away and be replaced by lightweight laptops; ones with a longer battery life that cost enough to justify full windows on them”

Definitely note books cant go away. I think MS is running out of cash to invest. All their releases have been found to have bugs - even the latest release Windows 7! It appears that Microsoft’s glowing track record with Windows 7 is about to come to an end also.

I don’t even think the starter Edition of Windows 7 will be on track to watch and the growing popularity of Linux on client PC rather than on servers is now on the rise. ;). One more year is all Linux needs to be superior!!

Nah! Linux was already superior to Windows in the main area of my work - quality documentation - in 2000 and, in the first year of running Windows and Linux side by side, I had several complete lock ups on Windows and none in Linux.

I even managed to recover from a couple of them by entering Windows from Linux and deleting the offending files - much easier and quicker than using the Windows rescue disk.

And I could do all that in Linux as a mere novice!

Linux will only be a threat to Windows when we start to see the big gaming shops bringing out major releases for Linux. I don’t see World of Warcraft for Linux, no NHL 2010 for Linux, and no Call to Duty VI for Linux.

If Linux becomes a serious threat… the Microsoft will release it’s own variant of Linux and it will turn it’s engineering department on full overdrive to bury the competition. I’m not so sure I want to see that happen anytime soon. Eventually… but not right now.

The more attention Microsoft gets regarding impending Linux threats the better it’s arguments sound to the U.S.A. government industry regulators and the E.U. that there is “real” competition to Windows. Alas… I’d rather that Microsoft have to dodge more regulators and anti-trust investigators myself. For the moment… put the civil servants on to the beast.

Nail on head, hit dead centre. :wink:

Surely that means we’ve won? It’s still open source…

They bury the competition, so there’s no point anyone else making a distro - fine. It’s far and away the best distro. Everyone else can worry about userland.

They rub their Machiavellian little claws together and say “Ha! Now that we’ve eliminated the competition… Erm… What exactly? If we stop researching / releasing at full tilt, someone forks us. So it’s carry on, or disappear.”

This is the fundamental brilliance of copyleft. You cannot subvert it, without doing something extremely dishonest and tricky. And there are so many eyes watching, it’s too hard to get away with that for long…

Personally, I will raise a pint to Good ol’ Bill the day I can install Microsoft Linux.

Or more to the point, the Centos equivalent with all the branding mercilessly hacked out… :wink:

Linux has been a threat to Microsoft for some years now. Only now MS had the balls to come out publicly and say so… So what’s the news?

On Tue, 2009-08-11 at 07:46 +0000, microchip8 wrote:
> Linux has been a threat to Microsoft for some years now. Only now MS had
> the balls to come out publicly and say so… So what’s the news?

Actually, Microsoft has said this for many years now. Not sure why this
is news.

Microsoft have a hit on their hands with Win 7, period. Futhermore, the “Vista sucks” camp is old hat. The same idiots complaining about vista complained about XP up until SP3. Vista runs very well on modern architecture, especially after the last SP. Keep holding your breath for Linux to take over the desktop. All your wishful thinking will not make it so. Lack of games, lack of uniformity, lack of direction, I could go on, keep it from happening. Apple, with more users than Linux, cannot make any more of a dent in user base with OSX and would be bankrupt sans the iPhone and touch. I suppose it isn’t nice to sh|t on one’s dreams so I’ll stop here.

With respect, I would like to comment on this. Are you saying that MS Windows will always be where they are now? That Linux will always be third? I think it is safe to say with technology in general and especially with computer and Internet related things, that can change fast.

I refuse to buy Windows 7, key word is buy and waste money, after I bought Vista. If others want to get it then great, their choice, go for it. I will probably have to learn about Windows 7 anyways to help family and friends when they have problems, and they always have problems with Windows. Not a cheap shot, just a fact.

No one knows the future and honestly there are too many variables in the mix to say that Windows will always rule and be top dog. For now, yes they are. But there are a lot of tomorrows that no one knows how they will turn out.

As far as Apple. Honestly, imo, I see them on their last leg, more or less. At least as they exist now. Bad business choices, more Microsoft like business attitudes, etc.

Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Hehe, I always thought the name would be Windows 2007, because it was intended to come out at that date and MS failed to complete it on time. And Vista was only the beta lol!

Apple with more users than Linux? And you know that from where? How do you even determine the percentage of Linux users considering that there’s no central tracking system (like sales volumes and the likes)? Maybe you should read this Welcome to LinuxInsider

As to the “hit” with Win 7, I very much doubt it. Win 7 is nothing but Vista v2. It may perform a bit faster, it may be a bit more secure (doubtful as MS refuses to fix a major vulnerability in UAC) and it may be even a bit more polished but it still can’t compete on many areas with Linux. Networking stack? Linux blows it away. Speed? Linux blows it away. Choice? Linux blows it away. Security? Linux is definitely above it. Low-end hardware? (yes yes, many people still use their sh|tty P4s as they don’t need anything more for their needs). Linux blows it away. Eye-candy? Linux blow is away. Price? Linux blows it away. Fast pace development and new technologies? Linux blows it away., etc, etc

btw, Linux is already on my desktop for years now, and I’m sure same goes for many out there who are not necessarily geeks, so you seem to still live in Mythorama land and babble about “Linux on the desktop”. I don’t know if you know, but Linux wasn’t started by Torvalds to take over the world and replace Windows. It was started as hobby project so he can use a free UNIX clone at his home and his studies. It “accidentally” (well, not actually but that’s another story) got a lot of attention when he made it publicly available for all. Ask Torvalds even today and see for yourself what he thinks about this who ridiculous “Linux takes over the desktop” thing. You may be pleasantly (or not) surprised :wink:

I am completely agree with microchip8 and suse_amd64x2.

Every body knows, that M$ shares drops in recent years. We can’t close our eyes and blindly say: “Oh, M$ will rule tomorrow because they rule yesterday”. And why is like that. We can’t say any thing about tomorrow. I personally, saw people now more addicted to Linux.
Last week, there was a PC fair in our university. And they introduce Fedora in one of their booths. Note the word here “1st time”. So what i can call it, improvement OR going towards 80’s again. The good thing was, i saw a lot of people playing with it in the fair. I was so happy. It was a great sign of changing the monopoly.

I am not predicting, can say SURE, that LINUX will rule tomorrow.
I saw the people around me, changes their mind towards Linux. They ask, which OS is this, when see my desktop(which is of course KDE). They are impressed, even some ask me to give them the Live CDs. And that is the cool sign…ohh…hot i think.


i thought it was

Win0 > the work Xerox and Apple did
Win1 > basic DOS (no gui)
Win2 > Windows 2.0
Win3 > Windows 3.0 - 3.11
Win4 > NT (aka: Nice Try)
Win5 > Windows 95, 98, ME etc
Win6 > VistaPig
Win7 > TryAgain


Psst! You forgot XP. Number 5.5.

Somehow I knew it was only half-baked…