Microscopic fonts during install

I want to try Opensuse after trying a few different distro’s and in a way or another i haven’t found what will keep me using it.
But there is one thing i find weird,I’m using a Bravia lcd 32° as monitor connected directly via a direct HDMI cable (no adapters) from my ATI Radeon 4890.The problem is that the fonts during install in all the distro’s i tried are not just tiny…but microscopic,to the point is unreadable.
Think about a 4 words phrase as big as a dot ( “.” ).I don’t really want to use my old lcd 19° to install and then connect again my TV (as i had to do for all the other distro’s).Is there anyway i can fix that without doing all that ?
As of now i liked what i saw in this forums and your support and wiki,and found already that there is a solution for problems that were keeping me from staying on those distros (read multimedia problems,lack of support,compatibility and so on) so hopefully this will be the last i try for a while (experimenting is nice …having to move because isn’t what i need/want anymore is another thing).
Thx in advance :slight_smile:

I’m running now the Live session and even on Live the fonts are way small … (good thing as of now i basically know where to look in kde to at least make them a bit bigger) and still most of the menu’s can’t be read so much they are small (force dpi 96 and fonts 48… ^^; ).

I must say i’m impressed with Opensuse,installed in an external usb HD and aside from the above problem (that i somewhat fixed and the fact it wanted to compress a partition on another drive that it was not used for the install) Everything is working smoothly.Firefox can play youtube video’s with sound,smplayer can play my HD vids with the quality it should without stuttering/jumping and with sound (tho i’ll have to fix the fact it plays only one speaker of my 5.1).I could remove the HDMI ATI onboard card (even if it’s disabled in the bios it was still set as default)so now it uses only my x-fi XA (something i couldn’t make in the other 3 distros i tried).As of now i’m about 60% to keep this one as my main OS.If everything else i need works as well as the above (i only followed the guide from RedDwarf for multimedia) i might just have found the distro i wanted :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work.