Micros SD card permissions

I bought a new 128gb microsd card the other day to copy some media content onto for my daughter to use on an android tablet.

I popped it in but was not given any indication by device notifier that it had been recognised.
Opened up Dolphin but could see the card unmounted in “places”
Clicked to mount it and it asked me for root permissions to mount.

Thought that was strange so took the card out and popped in one of my older cards and device notifier told me right away that it recognised the card and asked me what I want to do.

Checking the format of the cards - the one recognised by device notifier is formatted in xfat. The one that is requiring root permissions to mount is formatted in ntfs.

So, why am I being asked for my root password to mount a microsd card formatted in NTFS but not Xfat?