microphone not working on an asus laptop

Hi all,

Today I downloaded one of the skype variants in the build software repos.

starts off good and I can create an account and here the test call operator. What doesn’t happen is the playback of my message.

Figure its best to start by assuming that I have a hardware problem. Once thats ruled out I’ll assume its software. How do I check out if my microphone and webcam are working properly?


webcam can be tested using Kopete → Settings → Configure

Further to Parthenolide’s recommendation, I typically recommend users follow the guidance here to configure their mic: Microphone - openSUSE

In particular, test from a terminal/konsole with the command:

arecord -vv -fdat foo.wav

where “foo.wav” is any name that one wishes to make up … it could be “anything.wav” instead … and pay very close attention to one’s mixer settings (kmix in kde and alsamixer in gnome) moving up capture and boost settings and ensuring the correct mic is selected in the mixer if there is more than one mic setting.

IF that does not work, then more detailed guidance can be provided after more information is provided. In such a case please provide the information requested to be provided in the second half of this stickie: Welcome to multimedia sub-area - openSUSE Forums

Good luck !!