Microphone not detected

Anyone having any issues recently (last week or 2), with their microphone/Pulse Audio/Skype?
Just recently, (last updates?), I am now having problems where, when I boot, there is no microphone detected. If I open PAVU, I don’t have any recording devices, but if I unplug/plug the mic, it will then generally start working OK.
I think Audacity can use the mic, without unplugging/plugging. Have tried a different mic, etc.

I am using LEAP 42.1 and update it daily.

I have been having trouble getting my microphone (which I use with Audacity), my Walkman and my external hard drive recognised for some time (maybe 2 months?). They all use a USB3 port. If I leave them plugged in and reboot they are recognised. As well as I can remember, plugging and re-plugging seldom (if ever?) works.

I have no problem with the USB2 Logitech headset.

I have only one USB3 port so assumed it would be a hardware problem.


jenspen (I spent some of the happiest times of my childhood swimming at Elliot Heads. Lucky you.)

For what it’s worth, I just rebooted Leap so as to get my Walkman recognised but it wasn’t. However, replugging it worked.

Mine is direct plugged in to the Mic input on the motherboard… As I say, worked fine up until a ‘little’ while ago…

Queensland!! :slight_smile: