Microphone just recognized after re-plugging

Hello guys,

since an update of OpenSUSE a few weeks ago, the microphone I’ve plugged in to the microphone slot on the back of my PC isn’t recognized at boot, but just after I unplug it and plug it back in.
Happens with the line slot as well.
Does someone have a similar problem or knows how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Perhaps you can set it as default?


Tried that, but didn’t solve my issue. After a reboot the mic was again not recognized until I unplugged the plug and plugged it back in (weird sentence).
It seems like the system doesn’t check for already connected devices and just recognized it after the “plug state” is updated by plugging it back in. O.o

Perhaps this…

Hey, thank you for your assistance!

However, the outcome is really intersting.
This actually fixed my mic problem, but created another. :smiley:
By adding the hw:0,0 line, the mic is recognized, but my speakers, connected to the headphone jack next to the mic jack, aren’t recognized anymore.
By removing this line and restarting pulseaudio again, the speakers are recognized, but not the mic. O.o

Hey there,

I think I fixed my problem! :slight_smile:
It seems like I had a problem in my pulseaudio configuration (though I didn’t change it lately).
All I had to do was to execute mv

~/.config/pulse ~/.config/pulse-backup


pulseaudio -k

afterwards to reset my pulseaudio configuration.

Afterwards, all devices are shown properly and everything works!
Thank you again for your assistance, without reading through the wiki page I wouldn’t have had the idea!

Have a nice day!

Well done. That is often a good step to start with when having issues like these. :slight_smile: