Microphone Hatred

I have a built-in mic and webcam on my Dell 1536. The webcam works fine, but the mic has a ton of static.

Any ideas?

Oh, and how do I make my default video/audio player SMPlayer?

Some internal mics are notorious for static in both Windows and Linux.

But typically the key is finding a good balance in the mixer settings, trying to reduce the capture and capture boost so as to minimize the static, while at the same time increasing the capture and capture boost so as to ensure the recording is not too low.

Once you get the “ideal” settings, do a screen dump that records the mixer settings. That way in the future you can find out again what those “ideal” settings were, by looking at the screen dump.

This tends to be desktop specific, where KDE will be different from Gnome. You will need to advise the forum as to what desktop (KDE or Gnome) you are using so that someone can give you good advice. Of course your title “Microphone Hatred” is not conducive to obtaining the answer to your default video/audio player question.

I am using 11.2 Gnome.

Sorry about the title… was actually trying to get my point across and be funny at the same time. It’s a 50/50 shot.