microfocus login page not working

If I click on “Login” at the top of a Forum page, I get to
(possibly with some different “destination” field depending on which page I’m looking at)
However the “Login” button on this page doesn’t do anything: Firefox shows no hyperlink behind it. It makes no difference whetheror not I type in my username and password, the button is still not alive.
If I click on “Login Assistance”, I get to
and if I then click on “Account” it shows a dropdown login window on which I can successfully log in.
There seem to have been some similar problems posted in the past, but they are all closed, and this issue is definitely reproducible and still current for me.
Browser is (according to its about page)
Firefox Quantum Extended Support Release 68.6.0esr (64-bit)
Firefox for openSUSE Leap openSUSE - 15.1

Must be very recent. I loged in at a few minutes after 11.00 MET. You thread is timed 11.12 MET.

There was this incident reported last Tuesday: <https://status.opensuse.org/incidents/212>.