micro sdhc usb adaptor ...


I have a small micro sdhc 4GB memory card and it is something like this:

Cartão de Memória e Leitor de Cartão de Memória Transcend microSDHC 4 GB + S3 Card Reader: características e preços transcend microsdhc 4 gb + s3 card reader. - ShoppyDoo

My OpenSuSE 11.1 x86_64 box does not recognize the thing when it is inserted on the small mUSB adaptor that can be seen on the picture.
Nothing happens, I make lsusb and there is nothing detected on the output.
fdisk -l … same thing.

Did anyone encountered problems with this type of adaptors.
When I insert the same microsdhc flash in a SD card adapter it works with no problem.
The same for a sd-usb card … the card is detected and I have no problem accessing it.

The small usb adaptor when inserted in a EeePC does also not “respond”.
On a (yuck) other OS other Linux it does get detected …

Some ideas ? Anyone?


From a terminal, type the following first:

tail -f /var/log/messages

Now, insert the memory and post the output here.


First thing I did before posting here…

not a single message regarding any device … nothing.
The device is simply not detected . Why?
It works under vista … and with a sd adapter and with a USB sd adapter.
But not directly with the small microSDHC - USB adaptor …
This one is very strange …
I tested in a desktop, and Asus EeePC 701 a Asus EeePC 901 …


That looks strange. Let’s wait for response from someone more knowledgeable.