Micro$oft Exchange over HTTP

Hello all,

I am trying to setup my corp email on my 11.3 box. I have installed the evolution-exchange and all it will let me do is OWA. does anyone know of a mail client that will let me first setup a true exchange account then go to exchange over http?


You could set up a davmail gateway.

DavMail POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP Exchange Gateway

I cannot change any of the server settings, also i cannot config any client to work with OWA.


Have been watching this for about 15 years now, and unless someone really did something totally under the radar, there is no such thing as a true replacement for Outlook and that’s the case no matter what OS you’re talking about and(even other mail clients on Windows).

Some mail clients support WebDAV, but that only addresses the basic network connection, the mail client still won’t support the vast array of specialized commands Exchange will respond to.

So, OWA is likely your best bet. Later versions of Exchange Server will support more capable OWA clients (OWA is a web browser client).


Thanks! I have not had any luck with my company’s OWA server it rejects a lot of requests. I will keep looking, Thanks again!