Metadata not appearing in Dolphin

Hi, all -
For a while, I’ve had an issue where file metadata does not appear in Dolphin, though the relevant columns are enabled in detailed view.
For instance, I’ve got an audio file with metadata for Artist, Title, Release Year, and Track, and none of these values appear in the detailed view.
They do, however, appear correctly in the Information pane.
Other metadata, such as Size, Path, Type, etc. appear correctly in detailed view.
Anyone have any idea how I can fix this?

I am running OpenSUSE 15.4 with Dolphin 21.12.3-bp154.1.31


Maybe I misunderstand you, but things like file size, owner, group, permission bits, time stamps and file type (normal, directory, symlink, etc.) are indeed metadata of a file (regardless of it’s contents) that is maintained by the file system (and thus outside of the file).

Things like Artist, Title, Release Year, and Track, are Artist, Title are apparently data that belong to e.g. a sound track and are stored together with the sound inside a file of a certain contents (like MP3, MP4, etc.). The same like image size, EXIF data, etc. are data belonging to an image and stored in e.g. a JPEG file.
These are metadata about the image, video, soundtrack, stored together with that image, video, etc. inside the file. Their format is defined in the definitions of the file format. E.g. the image size of a JPEG file is stored in such a file in a different way then the size of an image in a GIF or PNG file.

In short, the first mentioned are data required on the system level and known by the system (kernel) and are there for every file.
The second ones are not known a the system level, they are known by software that make/interprets that specific type of file. The system as such does not have any knowledge of them (after all you can design a file structure to store “something” together with metadata of that “something” this afternoon and only you will know what all the bytes in your file type mean).

Possibly related/same reason as this “bug”: “Missing metadata in certain columns in details view mode” 425777 – Missing metadata in certain columns in details view mode

Do you have baloo set to index file content?

(I don’t allow baloo to index files on my own systems and also don’t see meta data as you describe.)


Same for me –

  • Baloo is running but, the contents of the files are not being indexed.
  • In Dolphin – “mouse over” produces a pop-up panel which displays the files meta data – regardless of document (.odt or .doc or .pdf), music (mp3 & Co.), video (mpeg & Co.), pictures (Photos, jpg & Co.) – “right click” → “Properties” → “Details”: the same as “mouse over” …

[HR][/HR]So yes, a Dolphin bug …

That’s it! I had to set baloo to index file contents. Thanks for getting me on the right track! I added Indexing-Enabled to the baloofilerc file (~/.config/baloofilerc). I also disabled basic-only file indexing. Here’s what the file looked like when I was done.

[Basic Settings]
exclude filters=*~,*.part,*.o,*.la,*.lo,*.loT,*.moc,moc_*.cpp,qrc_*.cpp,ui_*.h,cmake_install.cmake,CMakeCache.txt,CTestTestfile.cmake,libtool,config.status,confdefs.h,autom4te,conftest,confstat,,*.gcode,*.csproj,*.m4,*.rej,*.gmo,*.pc,*.omf,*.aux,*.tmp,*.po,*.vm*,*.nvram,*.rcore,*.swap,lzo,,*.orig,.histfile.*,.xsession-errors*,*.map,*.so,*.a,*.db,*.qrc,*.ini,*.init,*.img,*.vdi,*.vbox*,vbox.log,*.qcow2,*.vmdk,*.vhd,*.vhdx,*.sql,*.sql.gz,*.ytdl,*.class,*.pyc,*.pyo,*.elc,*.qmlc,*.jsc,*.fastq,*.fq,*.gb,*.fasta,*.fna,*.gbff,*.faa,po,CVS,.svn,.git,_darcs,.bzr,.hg,CMakeFiles,CMakeTmp,CMakeTmpQmake,.moc,.obj,.pch,.uic,.npm,.yarn,.yarn-cache,__pycache__,node_modules,node_packages,nbproject,core-dumps,lost+found
exclude filters version=6
only basic indexing=false

Thanks for the help!