Messed up print order - is this CUPS's fault ?

So today I had to print a project, PDF file, 20 pages.

I chose my printer, 4 pages per sheet, Left to Right > Top to Bottom so I would have pages 1 2 3 and 4, all on one sheet of A4 paper and in order. I hit print and the result was a messed up order of the pages, it printed 4 3 1 2 as you read them from left to right, top to bottom. I have tried all the settings in the Options tab of Okular, nothing would change the messed up order. Selecting 2 pages per sheet does the same thing, it ignores the order. I then thought “let me reverse the option, maybe it will work”, so I selected Left to Right, Bottom to Top, Right to Left, etc, NONE worked. I then opened the PDF using Firefox’s integrated PDF reader and same thing happens.

Do you have any ideea what is the cuprit ?

The printer is a Samsung ML-1610

don’t know bout that, but do you installed foo2zjs for my printer there wasn’t native support and I’ve to install this package an maybe it improves printing options

Hi, I’m not sure that this will help, at least not directly. In those cases, I have found it useful to install the “cups-pdf” printer. That prints to a pdf file (with the options you choose). Sometimes it will get things right when the printer’s driver doesn’t. And if not, at least you won’t be wasting paper. HTH Lenwolf

that is the default
last page FIRST

that way the FIRST page is always on top

you can change it someplace in the cups web interface for your printer

Can you be more specific ? You say I have to change default printer options in CUPS ? I don’t have any page order related options in CUPS > Manage Printer