Messed up LVM, Now cannot find /dev/system

Alright, so I decided I wanted to resize my /root directory. I loaded up my LiveCD, increased the size of /root, and went to town. Well, restarted, Grub stage 1 loads up fine, but when it goes for stage 2 I get a wonderful error of “cannot find /dev/system”. FYI for all /dev/system is the name of my filesystem.

All I have is a LiveCD, so I do not have the bonus of being able to use the rescue feature of the LiveDVD. Does anyone know how I can get Grub to find /dev/system? I’m pretty new, and don’t do many boot issues, so I am at a complete loss at where to even start.

When you resized root did you create another partition? If so did it change the name of your root partition. For example if it was HDA1 after resizing and creating another partition maybe it is HDA2 and HDA1 is the new one you created?

The entire system is currently spanning two harddrives. Thinking about it, /root now covers both of those HDs if that is what you’re asking. I believe it falls in SDA2 and SDB2

Edit: However, /dev/system has spanned both HDs before and hasn’t caused any issues. My boot sector is a part of /dev/system and is SDB1. (if that helps at all). I’m really going to have to back up everything at some point and rearrange my partitions as they’re horribly arranged right now.

I am not sure then. I always have my root partition on one hard drive. Maybe someone else would be able to help you better.

Yeah, backing up is a good idea. I did that once before, changed the partitions, and it went bad. I ended up loosing all my data and over a few days I was only able to get a small percentage back and that took a lot of time to get even that little back.