Messed up grub (probably)


I installed 13.1 on my macbook as a secondary OS a few days ago. After my latest session, I told KDE to reboot and it asked me into which system I wanted to boot into, gave me a list of Suse, Mac 32 and Mac 64 bit. I chose Mac 64 bit. When the system started up again, it entered grub (I guess, the default boot loader that was installed) and subsequently died. Kernel panic, system uptime 0 ns.
I can boot into OSX by holding alt and selecting it with reFinder.
I know this is not extremely much information, but what could I do to be able to boot into Linux? I was able to boot into recovery using my usb stick, but what then?


Yes, “traditional” loader for Mac OS X in grub2 is broken with new releases of OS X. If you are willing to experiment, I could explain how to manually add grub2 menu entry that should work.

I am ok with experimentation but I also would settle to just be able to load linux. I assume upon selecting the next to boot platform, this is stored in a text file somewhere and interpreted during bootup (in my case breaking things). Deleting/clearing this file probably would fix things.

[QUOTE=solidPapa;2607983]I am ok with experimentation but I also would settle to just be able to load linux./QUOTE]

I’m afraid I do not understand it (from pure linguistic side). Is the answer “yes” or “no”?

What I meant was, that I do not overly care whether grub can load osx or not. Now that I know of this problem, I simply would not select that option and could live with that happily ever after.

So my first choice would be make grub forget my choice and have it boot straight into linux.

If this is not possible and ‘experimentation’ would be the only means to boot into linux, I’d go for that, if it was easier than just setting up suse again.