MEssaged don't disappear

On one of my computers (fanless mini computer with LEap15.1/KDE) I sometimes get the messages e.g. “4 Updates Available” at the bottom right. This message window is above the button which says “Install Updates” and has a x in the top right corner to close this window. However several times now - no matter how often I click on this x - the window stays open and I cannot click at the button to install the updates. I have to wait until this window turns itself off. This is strange and very counterproductive - the purpose of the message is to prompt me to install the updates but it is in the way of doing it and this window cannot turned off. What is the matter there? how can I turn off this window if it refuses to go away?

You can right-click on the little arrow indicator in the system tray that says “show hidden icons” if you mouse-over it, then select “configure system tray” and remove the selection for software updates under “extra items.” That should remove the applet from your system tray. You can just perform an update every so often with

zypper up

This is how I perform updates because I found that notification applet to be irritating. But, you could try re-enabling it again to see if that resolves the problem. If not, maybe someone more knowledgeable than myself will have some input.

Thanks z2, I know ‘zypper up’ but this little computer is connected to our TV and everyone in our hosehold knows how to use it and to update when the update message is coming. But that the message is preventing the update is counterproductive. And of course I don’t want to instruct everyone here how to log as root into a terminal and do updates (or other things) there.

The only other things I can think of to try would be to reinstall PackageKit, delete your ~/.cache folder or try creating a new user to see if the problem persists under a new profile.

As for update frequency, I have an older laptop that is used infrequently that I often let go 2-3 months between updates and it has never caused a problem.