Message says, "Compositing too slow, KWIN turned off"

I’ve got Suse 11.0 with KDE 4.1.3 running and just did a rather thorough upgrade yesterday. I’m on a laptop with 3 gigs of ram, 64 mb or dedicated video ram (Intel 915) and a dual core processor.

Today (twice now) I’ve gotten a pop up message saying that

compositing was running too slow and DE have been turned off. To restart press Shift-Alt-F12.

I did a search for this error message and could not find anything at all. I’ll try googling it, but wanted to post this in case someone else had run into it.

I am only using KWIN. I DO NOT have Compiz even installed. (although I once did and I uninstalled it because it crashed my computer)

Kwin comes with it’s own effects as well, hell it even has the famous cube.

Since you only have 64MB of videocard RAM I’m guessing the problem lies there.
To disable the effects completely, go to the KDE4 menu and search for “Configure Desktop” (by default already on favorites though… first thing you’ll see).
Then go to Desktop, deselect the Enable desktop effects checkbox and apply the changes.
You might instead of completely disabling setting everything to “no effect” and leave window management on… since it’s quite nifty and I doubt it’s actually related to anything the videocard is used for.

I get the same message after I finish playing massive games.

Its not a bug. Its a Kwin’s intelligent feature to lessen the memory load. :slight_smile: