Message "Failed to obtain authentication"

Hello !

Since I’ve upgraded to tumbleweed (wich is actually 12.3 or quite similar…) I have a “Failed to obtain authentication” in KDE…(see screenshot).

There’s no more details…(Where can I get more infos about that ?) Polkit problem ?

I think it’s also related to this

Thanks for help !

On 2013-03-30 18:26, amaurydg wrote:
> Since I’ve upgraded to tumbleweed

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this forum post was high in Google’s rankings when I encountered the same problem.
The solution for came from this thread:

For those who don’t understand German, the solution for me consisted of:

  1. overwrite some files from /etc/pam.d
    with symlinks to other files in the same directory:
# cd /etc/pam.d
# ln -sf common-account-pc common-account
# ln -sf common-auth-pc common-auth
# ln -sf common-password-pc common-password
# ln -sf common-session-pc common-session

  1. run the following command:
# /usr/sbin/pam-config -a --systemd
  1. restart.

The problem, on my system, was in fact that the files /etc/pam.d/common-xxx were regular files, instead of symlinks.

I encountered this problem after updating a OpenSUSE 12.2 system to version 12.3. Yes, I am a bit late on releases… :shame: I hope this can help anyway.