Mesa 7.9 from Xorg repo


Just installed Mesa 7.9 and actually updated all the packages from the repo “X11: XOrg /openSUSE” wich brings the r300 gallium 3D driver for my ATI radeon mobility x1300.

I must say I’m stunned by it’s performance. While glxgears shows a drop from 710FPS to 59FPS, my openGL games run equally fast as before, but with much, much less cpu usage. i’m speaking from 50% to 18% when playing opensource game like PlaneShift.
What I do notice is somewhat screen-corruption when hovering icons, but it’s minimal and I can live with that for the time beiing.

Anyway… for the ones who wanted to try but were scared to do so, go ahead! Please do note that X only wants to start when using Kernel-ModeSetting. So you should remove the “nomodeset” in your bootline if you were using it.

I thought i’d post this here since Mesa 7.9 isn’t part of the 11.3 release and neither of the official update repo. Good things may be posted too, it can’t always be errors and troubles.