Merging the Live CDs.

Hi there.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to merge the 2 OS Live (KDE and GNOME) CDs into one DVD (or USB)?

I know I can do somethiing for example like:

cat GNOMELive12.3.iso KDELive12.3.iso > Live_KDE-GNOME.iso

but I dont know if this will boot anyone of them or worse… if this will ever work as I expect…

Maybe a menu is required to boot either one of them or a little shell script mus be done/modified prior to merging them

Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions


Ok guys…
Iv’ve found this:

I think that will do it for USB.

However, i’d like to insist if there is a way (command line preferently) to merge using a DVD?



The Promo DVD has this, it even has a 64- and a 32bit side.

The cat command made me smile about the way of thinking it implies: linux thinking. But it won’t work. But it doesn’t stop there. There’s which not only allows you to have both GNOME and KDE Live on a USB, but also in 32- and 64bit, plus other Live images, as long as the size of the medium allows it.

Another option you have is to use SUSE Studio and build your own live image.

Sure… Promo DVD it’s on the way… However, My idea is to have only LIVE CDs altogether into one DVD and USB to show friends and colleges what opensuse has to offer.

And yes… the cat coomand was my first idea since merging some kind of files works pretty well but thanks for clarifying that… Everyday we have something new to learn.

Thanks very much for your help and Kind Regards