Merging of installation media

Hi everybody,

Is it possible to merge the 11.1 installation DVD with the Add-On Languages CD and the Add-On non-OSS Software CD into one DVD image (Dual Layer)? If so, could somebody please post the procedure? I’ve read in the Wiki about merging the CD-set into a DVD but that is relevant only for pre-11 releases when the CD set was alternative to the release DVD…

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If you buy the box set, that DL pressed DVD contains both archs plus the languages plus some stuff not on the DVDs but in the repos. I don’t know if you get the non-OSS stuff on the DL pressed DVD, but in practice only a handful of packages come from there in the default install and can be had online anyway. Surely that’s a better deal money and timewise?

Well, this is to help outfit some local community schools’ PC-labs; not for my own benefit. The installation media was downloaded from a local mirror; It took me 12hrs for the whole lot (DVD + 2CDs), which does not strike me as being too much…
It would be far easier to distribute to all people that will be lending a hand, as a single medium instead of multiple disks. Network installation is out of the question at the moment.
It also does not strike me as the proper thing to do, i.e. buying the boxed set and then start making copies of the retail installation media…

No, that’s fine. You can use the installation media on as many computers you like. Of course you don’t get (limited) installation support on all but one.

BTW there’s something you should consider. AFAIK DL writable DVDs are all DVD+R. Not all old drives can handle +R format. Pressed DLs no problem, but user-written +Rs not necessarily.