Menu Structure Tool?


I am dabbling in SUSE now (Gnome DE), but I am driven crazy by the menu structure (I trashed the SLED menu and went to the old gnome menu applet already). I hate that it has something like

-> Web Browser
->-> Firefox

Instead of just
-> Firefox et al

I know Mandrake does this KDE way of structuring things and has a tool to change it back to normal for gnome. Is there such a thing for SUSE? I don’t want to have to go in and manually change everything.

And aside from the menu issue the distro seems really nice. Very polished. My only other frustration is it has a lot more clicking for most tasks (one-click install needed 5 clicks) and many programs like package install are very segmented (one for update, one for install, one for repos etc.).

Don’t know Gnome, in KDE:

You can add an application to desktop or panel
right click starter & select menu editor & make it any way you want:)