memtest86+ won't even start

Hi, the memtest86+ version 5.0.1-7.3-x86_64 doesn’t even load properly. It stops while loading without any further message. As this is outside of any Linux I have no error messages written into the log. A restart with alt-ctrl-del doesn’t wok in this state, one has to push the hardware restart button. Is this program working correctly and the mainboard has an error ? I see no other errors in the Linux logfile, yet the part of memory appeared to have errors - the BIOS didn’t load and i have removed them. Now everything seems to be correct, but I’d like to test the rest of mem.
Has anybody some advice what to do ?
Possibly there is an alternative to memtest86+

The memtest website suggests that there is a later version than what you are trying to run (last release 7.4, rel 2013)