Memory usage difference between two different installs

Not sure if this is the appropriate subforum, but here it goes.
I installed Leap 42.1 as a Virtualbox guest os and as my laptop’s new main os. (previously using Ubuntu for a couple of years)
Soon after intallation has finished on both systems, I executed KSysGuard to look at the OS performance.
On my guest machine, Leap fresh install uses around 450 MB of RAM, while my laptop’s fresh Leap install starts from around 750 MB.
Is it normal to get such big difference on those measurements? Is it hardware related?

My guest hardware setup has 4 GB of available ram, and my laptop 6 GB.


The guest isn’t running the overhead of virtualbox on your host OS… so would always expect the host system to being doing more stuff than a guest system…

humm, a bad start here in the forum.:shame:

I apologize, but I made confusion: when I measured my laptop’s Leap performance, I had Firefox (and many, many opened tabs) running in the background… so, it would obviouslly show a much greater memory usage than the guest (on other machine), which had nothing running in the background when I took the measurements.

I’m sorry about this stupid question.

I restarted my laptop and when it finished boot I realized that it was only using about 400 MB, which is in line with the vm measurement… and which is great, for someone used to the minimum 800 MB taken by Ubuntu/Unity!

Thanks anyway for having taken your time.

No problems, oh and Welcome to the openSUSE forums :slight_smile: May the 4th be with you today :wink: