Memory and Suse 11.2

Ok, I am not sure if installing Suse 11.2 on my system is a good idea right now.

Configuration is:

AMD Athlon™ XP 2600+ (1.9 GHz)
ATI Radeon 9200 SE
768 Mb RAM

So the memory could be a problem, I guess. 11.2 seems to require 1GB of RAM. It may run but I don’t want my system having fatal slow down after opening one document and few mozilla tabs, as currently all I need is working fine under 10.2 except it is way old and upgrading is not something that I am able to do here anymore.

What are the actual minimal and recommended requirements for 11.2?

256 MB of RAM is minumum, 512 MB is recommended. See

Download help - openSUSE

If you worry about RAM, I would suggest assign swap far larger than RAM, say 2-4 GB.

Installation with the DVD would be recommended especially for lower end RAM users.

Sysreqs - openSUSE

OK, I will install with DVD and define 4 GB of swap. Forgot to mention - I am going to choose KDE 4.


> What are the actual minimal and recommended requirements for 11.2?

i’d say RAM will not be the biggest problem, unless you simply must
have the heaviest desktop environment you can find…

i do not know how well that ATI is supported (i have nvidia), but you
can search that out using the forum’s search page…

there are lots of changes from 10.2 to 10.3, and even MORE between
10.3 and 11.2…system wide and GUI changes…

i’m still on 10.3 (running desktop effects off KDE3 easily in 1 GB
RAM, but GoogleEarth and etc run great 3D) and plan to get around to
trying 11.2 one of these days…but, i am not looking forward to
it…and, may opt to buy SLED 11 so i don’t get pushed onto/locked
into the getting faster treadmill here…


2GB swap will be plenty. Unless you have plans to install a load more memory. And even then, 2 GB is probably enough.

I find Radeon 9200 SE is supported, here Radeon - openSUSE.

So I’m going to install 11.2 soon(dual with Windows XP - I need certain applications) because I can’t hold to this 10.2 version which is unsupported when it comes to software upgrades.

Caf4926, then 2GB will do.

I have ran openSUSE on a system with only 768MB of RAM, using KDE4. No problems at all :slight_smile: