is there any program like as internet download manager for opensuse 10.3?

i install mplayer but i can’t run it?

i work with kde 3.5

Not sure how you installed MPlayer (since you didn’t explain), but in general you use yast software manager to search for and download any software you require.

MPlayer should be able to be started from the K Menu after this. Alternatively, from a console you can do gmplayer to start it.

i download mplayer and plugins via

and then install them with yast but it gave error about reprositories and i ignored them

what do i do?:confused:

I would start YaST -> Software -> Software Management

I’m assuming you have Packman repsository enabled. If not, click on Repositories -> Repository Manager. Here you can enable or add the Community repositories if required

Search for MPlayer. You should see the package and similar packages listed. You can remove the existing package, then reinstall it (or update it). The package manager will take care of any dependencies for you.