measuring true pixel count

For a problem discussed in an other thread, I have a display smaller than the monitor size, though looking as full pixel count.

my monitor is a full HD 23" 1920x1080. xrander say the print is 1920x1080 when what I see is a complete kde screen (including all borders), with very small letters and a black border all around of approx 2cm wide.

I guess my monitor can’t display pixels that small and the real display is not 1920x1080.

is there some rule I could display to measure the pixel number?


If you have KDE, the utility KRuler installed by default (IIRC) will display pixel counts with a pointer, and you can move the ruler to any position. I haven’t tried it on a Gnome destop though.

However that may only do relative pixel counts from your point of view.

exactly what I needed, thanks


don’t works.

kde is pretty sure the display is 1920x1080, even if it’s not the case, so kruler also :frowning:

Does your monitor have any controls and “on-screen display” for adjusting the image size to match the screen dimensions?

Other than that, there could be a problem with the Mode Line being used by the X system configuration to set up the screen geometry. Detals of that are to be found in the current /var/log/Xorg.0.log file.

no, and this only happen in failsafe mode (using fbdev), not in standard (nouveau) mode


You might try to set a different “Console Resolution” in YaST->System->Boot Loader->Boot Loader Options.
The fbdev driver should respect that and use it for the graphical mode.

The default “Autodetect by grub2” doesn’t work too well with nvidia cards AFAIK.