md5sum of 11.1 RC1

I got different failures when I wanted to install 11.1 RC1.

Checking the MD5sum, I found differencies between the .ISO-file on my disc and on DVD. O.k.

But then I’d to seek for the MD5SUM for the 11.1 RC1 on the web site - a rather unnecessary seek for
( Index of /distribution/11.1-RC1/iso )

There should be a link for this on the download page.

The download file had the correct checksum, the DVD a wrong.
In the meantime I’ve made another 11.1RC DVD.
But checking that for md5sum on my home PC - 11.0 - yesterday evening was a nightmare eating up some hours
( repeatedly after a long time of working error messages: “md5sum: /dev/sr0: Eingabe/Ausgabefehler” - one of the typical junk don’t-say-don’t-know-error messages of linux - input error? output error? which device? cause? media error? print error? wrong parameter setting for md5sum? lack of memory? - the 11.0 release is, e.g. because of ufraw/Gimp-malfunction, rich of memory problems. At the end, the copy of that DVD to disk gave the correct md5sum ).

Nice to have 11.0 - but it’s really time to get the first 11.x working under a production conditions …