md5sum check ok, but suse media check fails

I downloaded the x86_64 dvd .iso of suse 11
md5sum check the iso - FINE
burn the .iso with k3b at x4 speed
md5sum check the finished dvd - FINE

Boot from dvd - run media check - FAILS

Any ideas? I’m going to try burning again anyway. But in the mean time I will welcome your thoughts friends.


Try a lower speed this time, say 2x. It sounds like the reading drive is not the burning drive, there are two machines, is that correct?

Sometimes a DVD burner is advertised as having high speeds but this doesn’t mean it will reliably work on all media at high speed. More so if the burner is older. I made a few toasters with 16x media because I stupidly let k3b choose auto. When I constrained the speed to 4x, it worked fine.

ken thanks for the advice.
But I can’t select any lower than x4 speed
I do have 2 burners but they are both in the same box. I’m now trying with the other burner but it’s slowest speed with the dvd’d I have is x6 speed.

But initially the reading drive was the burning drive.
I’ll let you know how I get on


I’ve had this happen in a couple of cases:

  1. one case was the burning CD/DVD burner was on its last legs,

  2. another case was the reading CD/DVD reader was on its last legs.

Ok. I burned and ran the suse media check. this one is OK!

Great. Now for the install

Both the drives are fairly new and have been ok. Strange it gave ok md5 checks on the first one even though it was no good.

Anyway, Thanks guys