MD5 with OSX

Hi All,

New to Linux. I downloaded a copy of 11.1 via Bittorrent, but didn’t bother doing an MD5 check, and had a problem getting the CD to load. So, I ran an MD5 on the ISO using terminal in OSX and got a bad Hash. After downloading another copy directly from the and running an MD5 on that, I get the same hash that I did with my bittorrent download, which doesn’t match.

Is there a problem using OSX to do a checksum? I noticed on the Ubuntu Forums the directions are almost the same for OSX as using Linux, but I seem to be having a problem.

Any thoughts?

OS/X is BSD underneath and the md5sum program on it computes the same checksum as md5sum on other OSes.

Thanks Ken.
So it was obviously two bad downloads, so I’ll try it again.